Rules of Operation

– Objetives:

  1. Visualize innovation as one of the best tools to efficiently compete in national and international markets.
  2. Reckon and connect people and organizations who have moved from speech to action in the pork meet production innovation business.

  3. Promote innovation in Mexico so as to improve networking, relation and collaboration building between those experts and the rest of the key agents in the science, tech and innovation ecosystem.

– Evaluation criteria:

  1. Potential Innovation Results: Defined as the expected effect of the prototype in an organization (not necessarily the organization the prototype is already operating). Potential financial results, potential market performance and technological capabilities will be considered.
  2. Technological merit: Defined as the technological distinctive and national development involved in the prototype engineering. Prototype distinctive features, areas of influence, capitalization of generated knowledge and networking will be considered.

  3. Technological management: Defined as the evidence of process and practices’ orientation towards an aimed competitive advantage generation. Environment knowledge, projected commercial and technological performance, input securement or any other means for innovation will be considered.

  4. Impact and Sustainability: Defined as the prototype’s expected effect in life quality and knowledge improvement.

– Elegible Applicants:

Eligible applicants are experts and students in the Meet Sciences and related fields such as Food Engineering, Chemistry, Veterinary Medicine, Agronomy, Nutrition Sciences, among others; or experts in the fields of sanitary infrastructure design. Granjas Carroll México employees are also allowed to apply.

– Application Process:

Once that we validate each project meets the requisites, these will be evaluated by a Selection Committee. The committee will pick all projects that satisfactorily comply with the evaluation criteria and that meet an 80% grade in a scale to 100%. These projects will be submitted to the Board of Evaluators as FINALISTS.

The Board of Evaluators will short-list up to five (5) projects that according to its judgement could have a greater impact in the industry. These will pass to the final last of the contest as “NOMINEES”. The NOMINEES short list will be published on the 30th of April, 2020 in this site.

NOMINEES may be required by the Board of Evaluation to make an executive presentation. The presentation’s length will be 5 minutes at maximum. The goal of this possible presentation will be to provide the Board of Evaluators elements to help recognize innovation elements in the project, such as innovation’s impact, industry relevance, all of which related to the Evaluation Criteria. After the presentation, the Board of Evaluators may formulate questions for up to 10 minutes to each NOMINEE, in order to ensure original authorship.

The Executive Presentation will be calendarized on mutual agreement of NOMINEES and the Board of Evaluators. The Board of Evaluators will pick the winner(s). The Board of Evaluator’s verdict, as well as the NOMINEES short list is unappealable.

– Board of Evaluators:

The Selection Committee will evaluate all submitted projects and confirm these comply with the minimum requirements established according to the call. The Selection Committee will present the filtered projects to the Board of Evaluators.

The Board of Evaluators will be formed by Mr. Greg Schmidt, Bruce Rundel, and Luis Cerdán, this body will short-list up to five (5) projects, that they consider to have the major impact in the industry (NOMINEES).

NOMINEES’ Short-list will be published in

The Board of Evaluators will pick the WINNERS.

– Awards:

All awards will include public mention in a ceremony and the following economic stipendiums:

1st Prize.- US $5,000.00 

2nd Prize.- US $3,000.00 

3rd Prize.- US $2,000.00 

– Award Ceremony:

The Award Ceremony will be held during the “World Meat Congress 2020” in Cancun, Quintana Roo, México, transport and travel expenses of the WINNERS and the Board of Evaluators will be covered completely by GRANJAS CARROLL DE MÉXICO, S. DE R.L DE C.V., in its character of awarder and organizer.

The WINNER list will also be published on