Rules of Operation

– Objetives:

  1. Visualize innovation as one of the best tools to efficiently compete in national and international markets.
  2. Reckon and connect people and organizations who have moved from speech to action in the pork meet production innovation business.
  3. Promote innovation in Mexico so as to improve networking, relation and collaboration building between those experts and the rest of the key agents in the science, tech and innovation ecosystem.

– Evaluation criteria:

For the evaluation carried out by the jury on the research and / or invention works, the following criteria will be considered and will guide the determinations of the jury in relation to the results of the contest. The value of each criteria will be assigned and determined in each case at discretion of the jury:

  1. Potential Innovation Results: Defined as the expected effect of the prototype in an organization (not necessarily the organization the prototype is already operating). Potential financial results, potential market performance and technological capabilities will be considered.
  2. Technological merit: Defined as the technological distinctive and national development involved in the prototype engineering. Prototype distinctive features, areas of influence, capitalization of generated knowledge and networking will be considered.
  3. Technological management: Defined as the evidence of process and practices’ orientation towards an aimed competitive advantage generation. Environment knowledge, projected commercial and technological performance, input securement or any other means for innovation will be considered.
  4. Impact and Sustainability: Defined as the prototype’s expected effect in life quality and knowledge improvement.

– Projects(Research/Invention):

All the works that are submitted within the contest, without exception, must belong to or be related to meat sciences, according to the terms set for in section III of the guidelines and must be in accordance with the objectives established in section II of said document. There will be two categories of works: one for inventions and another for research. Categories will be only considered to determine the committee that will evaluate the work, and its classification as well as any doubt regarding it will be determined by the jury.

– Application Process:

Application system will be open for work submission from May 17, 2021 to July 15, 2021 and will be available on the website The works, documents and / or annexes that are submitted must be uploaded in PDF format, including an executive summary in English with a maximum length of 3 pages. 

– Awards:

The prizes will be awarded in accordance with the final ruling issued by the jury and will consist, in addition to a public mention in a ceremony for the first three places, in economic stipendiums that will be awarded as follows:

  • First place. USD $ 5,000.00 (Five thousand American Dollars) 

  • Second place. USD $ 3,000.00 (Three thousand American Dollars) 

  • Third place. USD $ 2,000.00 (Two thousand American Dollars)

The prizes consisting of economic stipendiums will be awarded for winning work, therefore, works that have been submitted as a team and that are winners will receive the entire economic stipendium per team and not individually and / or per team member. In the latter case, the distribution of the amount of the economic stipendium will be determined by the team members themselves. The prizes consisting of economic stipendiums will be delivered on October 8, 2021 by electronic transfer to the bank account that the contestant had provided for this purpose, as long as all the terms and conditions established in this document have been met.

Kind Regards,
Organization Committee
Granjas Carroll de México, S. DE R.L. de C.V.